About Donna

Born in 1942 and with  over 70 years of hands-on experience in making the most of her own four planets in Gemini, Donna Cunningham is well qualified to write about stellium management. Practicing astrology since 1969, she has used her Master’s Degree in  Social Work and a variety of alternative healing tools to help clients resolve their difficulties and realize their potentials. Her books, advice columns, and articles have reached a wide international audience.

Donna is the author of 17 books and thousands of articles on metaphysical topics. She combines her social work and astrology backgrounds in her ongoing series of articles in The Mountain Astrologer. Listed in several Who’s Who volumes, she has given seminars on astrology around the world, and her books have been translated into numerous foreign languages. See a list of her books here: Donna’s Books.

(See instructions on how to order Donna’s ebooks here:  1-How to Order Donna’s Books.)

Visit her website at Moon Maven Publications or her popular blog,  Sky Writer. Her email address is moonmave@spiritone.com.

 ABOUT YOUR CHART: Donna no longer does individual chart consultations at this point as she’s devoting her time to writing. On request, she will send a list of astrologers whose work she knows and respects. If finances are a concern, consider writing a letter to Dell Horoscope’s advice column. The columnist, Eileen McCabe, has decades of experience in astrology and, with a Master’s Degree in Social Work,  a background very similar to Donna’s.  Read bout how to submit your questions to the column here: Astrological Advice.

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