Perplexed by the Outer Planets in your Capricorn Stellium? More Books to Help

If your chart features the slower-moving planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto) strongly, and especially if you have a conjunction of two of these planets or a stellium that contains one or more of them, the ebooks  described below will help you understand their role in your chart and explore ways to change difficult patterns they represent.

OPIL v1-2014 smThe Outer Planets and Inner Life, V.1: The Outer Planets as Vocational Indicators.  (Newly-released 2014 edition) If your stellium has outer planets in the career houses (2nd, 6th, or 10th), or if it relates to your chosen career, this book can give you helpful insights. There’s an otherworldly element when the outer planets are career markers, a sense of serving a greater purpose in human history. Each chapter of this e-book explores one of these planets in depth. See an excerpt here.

The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.2: Outer Planet Aspects to Venus and Mars. (Newly-OPIL v2 2014 smreleased 2014 edition)  Learn about the love lives of people who have the outer planets woven in with the primary relationship planets, Venus and Mars, or in the relationship houses—the 7th, 8th, and 5th. We’ll identify persistent relationship patterns for each outer planet influence. Explore the ways people with these chart factors try to satisfy their need for intimacy while still fulfilling an equally strong urge to participate in the evolution of our world. See the table of contents here.

The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3: Aspects between the Outer Planets. (Newly-released 2014 edition)  Some of the most eventful and memorable historical eras happen when two or more of the outermost planets—Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto—form aspects to one another. We’ll look at distinct 20th Century eras like the 1960s, the astrological patterns of that time, and the life-long impact of these combinations on people born with them strongly featured in their charts.

OPIL v3 2014 smThe book includes chapters on people born with the Pluto-Uranus conjunction, those with Pluto and Saturn in aspect, those with Uranus and Saturn in aspect, those with Neptune and Saturn in aspect, and those with Uranus and Neptune in aspect. See the table of contents here.

The Outer Planets and Inner Life volumes are $15 each if purchased separately, or $35 for all three—a $10 savings.

To order, go to and tell them which books you want, Donna’s email address (, and the amount to deduct from your credit card. They will send her a notice, and then she sends them to you. The ebooks arrive on separate emails. If you want them sent to an email address other than the one you used, let her know. (Write to her if you prefer to pay by a check on a US bank or in US dollars.)

(See more detailed instructions on how to order Donna’s ebooks here:  1-How to Order Donna’s Books.)


About Donna Cunningham
Hi, I’m Donna Cunningham, the astrologer and author. Not Donna Cunningham, the Christian musician. Or Donna Cunningham, the New England math professor Or Donna Cunningham, the Florida realtor ….although I do listen to the music of the spheres, calculate the angles between the planets, and try to help people find their true home in this ever-shifting world of ours. I’ve been at this for 40 years, so if you were born in 1968 or after, I was watching the skies when you were born, trying to figure out what you’d be like when you grew up. Before I fell in love with astrology, I earned a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University, and I’ve counseled people about life challenges ever since. But social work is also about how we blend with our society, how we’re affected by the social and cultural milieu we live in, and how we cope with society’s institutions, structures, rules, and dysfunctions. I bring that broader perspective to my astrological insights by observing what happens as the slower-moving planets pass through the zodiac. As each of the outer planets passes through a sign, major social institutions are permanently altered, and we’re challenged to contend with those shifts. My specialty has been in helping people to understand and deal with the way the world is evolving while still remaining true to their core self. When I was born, Uranus was in Gemini, Neptune was in Virgo, and Pluto was in Leo. Now Uranus is ¾ around the wheel in Pisces, Neptune is in Aquarius, and Pluto has just popped into Capricorn for a long, long stay. The outer planets have covered a lot of zodiacal ground in that time, so I’ve watched society do a lot of changing and people right along with it. I did charts and counseled lots of individuals for a very long time, but it was always my mission to reach out to the broader world with the insights astrology makes possible. Fortunately, the Creator also gave me the gift of writing—and the grit to work hard at polishing it until the writing could speak to anyone who’d read it. I wrote 19 books, over a thousand articles, and 15 years of Dell Horoscope Magazine’s Dear Abbey type advice column. From all indications, doggone it, people like me! My current mission is to teach others in astrology and other New Age fields how to write about their own wisdom and experience. (Read about my online writing seminars at Books take a year or longer to write—longer still to publish—and articles and columns may take as much as six months to appear. That’s lonely work, so the idea of instantly sharing my newest discoveries and insights in a blog has great appeal. I hope you enjoy your visit, sign up to be notified of new posts, and come back often. Welcome!

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