The Stellium Handbook is Finally Here!

ImageFor the past two years, I have devoted myself to exploring, teaching, and writing about stelliums. My goal has been to write an astrology/self-help book on this subject that could be equally easy to read for newcomers, astrology students, and professional astrologers. Today, the book is finally being released, and is available here.

To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever written a book about stelliums, and, as a result, they’ve remained something of a mystery. It’s crucial to understand them now because we’re in an era when an uncommon number of people have stelliums or triple conjunctions.

The most  potent stelliums occur under conjunctions of the slower-moving planets—Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—because they correspond to major social, economic, and political changes that leave an impact on those born under them.

The slow-moving planets stand conjunct in the sky infrequently because of their long orbits around the Sun, but over the past 50 years, there have been an unusual series of them concentrated in consecutive signs.

Because of this series, there are possibly more people alive today with stelliums than ever before. The world population has continually increased over the past few centuries and is estimated to have reached 8 billion by the end of 2012.

A series of slow-moving conjunctions formed cores of stelliums in the signs Virgo through Aquarius between 1960 and 2010. We’ll explore those conjunctions–and the effects of the stellium’s sign and house. We’ll consider the gifts, strengths, and challenges of each planet in the group.

Here are some features you’ll find:

 1) You’ll be guided, step by step, in creating stellium worksheets to help you understand the pieces of your stellium so you can make the best use of them and avoid the pitfalls. You’ll work with self-tests that list the positive and the difficult potentials of the stellium’s sign, house, and the planets in the combination. If you’re a professional astrologer, you can create these worksheets for clients or students.

2) With the PDF format, you can print out sections that pertain specifically to you or your loved ones, creating a permanent reference tool. Another PDF perk is a series of printable summary tables about the qualities associated with the signs, house, and planets.

3) The PDF format also allows for clickable links to blog articles and internet sites, a resource often used in this book to provide more in-depth information than we have space for here.

4) As with most of my books, this one isn’t just about astrology, because throughout the book I’ll suggest self-help tools that will help you tackle the difficulties described by your stellium or triple conjunction.

Used regularly, these tools can speed your progress in developing your gifts and abilities. Growing into a stellium or triple conjunction is a lifelong process with considerable rewards, but techniques like these can smooth out the learning curve.

In addition to computers of all sizes, these PDF files work just fine on a 10″ iPad type tablet, but not a 7″ one or on Kindle, as the many tables and charts need a bit more room.

Download a sample file here: Stellium Handbook Sampler. You can also download information about the extraordinary Saturn-Uranus-Neptune superconjunction that appears in the charts of people born with a Capricorn stellium in 1988-89 here: Capricorn Stellium Fact Sheet-Donna Cunningham. (For some reason these files may show up with magnified type, though the book itself does not. You may be able to change the setting on your tool bar.)

Feel free to pass these samples on to people with stelliums, astrology students, professional astrologers or anyone else you know who might be interested.

So, Readers, this is a banner day for me, because with a stellium of my own, I wanted to create something to make it easier for others with stelliums to make the most of the gifts and potentials a stellium so often confers. I also wanted to help them avoid the potholes along the stellium path, because with so many planets involved, there are likely to be conflicts of interest! I hope the word about this book will spread, because there are so many of us out there who could make a difference in our troubled world.

How to order the book: The Stellium Handbook is over 250 pages and 115,000 words, separated into two ebook files for easier navigation. It is $20 and can be ordered through PayPal. If you need to pay by check, write to me for details. (Note: I previously published a short, workbook version of this book called The Stellium Tool Kit, because of the urgent need for information on this subject. It’s no longer available.)

If you’ve never used PayPal before, here’s how:

  • Go to and create an account, using a credit card.
  • Tell them you want to send $20 to Donna Cunningham for The Stellium Handbook. ( Across the top of the PayPal page, there are a series of navy blue buttons.  One of them says, “Send Money.”)
  • Give them my email address: . (NOT moonmaven!)
  • They will send me a notice.
  • (If you need the ebook sent to a different email address than is on the account, let me know.)
  • I will send it to you as an email attachment.
  • Open and save the attachment.

PS: And, no, it is not available in paper. It’s 250 8 1/2 x 11″ pages–the equivalent of a half ream of paper per  copy. I love our trees and do not wish to be responsible for killing them.

Please take a moment to read our security policy. PayPal is a secure site and we’ve never had any difficulty with it, but there are a variety of scams on the internet in which hackers claim to be from PayPal, your credit card company, or your bank, asking you for personal and financial information. Never reply directly to such requests by clicking on a link in the email, but instead go to the company’s website and check your account.

Flower Essences for Capricorn and Saturn

 (c)2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 The gentle, inexpensive self-help tool of flower essences (also known as flower remedies) can help ease many of the strains of a Capricorn stellium.  If you’re not familiar with this healing tool and how to use it, you can download the introductory chapter of my ebook, Flower Remedies—How Plants’ Energies Can Heal Us here: flower essence information-ch1.  

Bach flower remedies are available in many health food stores and New Age bookstores, but all the essences and remedies mentioned below are available through the Flower Essence Society, at 1-800-736-9222 or online here: Flower Essence Services, Bridging Body and Soul.  Though not a magic bullet, the essences below can ease some of the stresses of a stellium in perfectionistic Capricorn. Read more of this post

What Reviewers are Saying about The Stellium Handbook

 From Anne Whitaker: “Master astrologer and writer Donna Cunningham draws on her long and deep experience in astrology and related handbookcvrsmfields to produce this first ever thorough, in-depth work on stelliums – a very much needed aid for readers of varying levels of astrological knowledge. Her commitment is to make the book available to everyone with stelliums, not just astrologers or astrology students.

“It is written with Donna’s signature depth, clarity, humour, and compassion. One of her gifts is to be able to be briskly honest and realistic about the most difficult topics, but in such a compassionate, often witty way that the reader feels encouraged rather than squashed by the information provided.

 “This fine book, the latest addition to her abundant astrological output, is an essential reference work for all astrologers’ libraries. It’s one to which they can return time and time again as they encounter clients who are trying to come to grips with one of the most challenging, and potentially rewarding, of all astrological patterns: the stellium.”

Review of Donna Cunningham’s Stellium Handbook by Anthony Louis: “Before reading this book, I never realized that so much information could be gleaned from analyzing stelliums in a natal chart. Donna’s approach was an eye-opener. This book is refreshing for both its new insights and its transparency of presentation.

“Donna’s knowledge and experience in dealing with clients shines through on every page. It’s written with beginners in mind but contains much valuable information that will appeal to experienced astrologers. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this text and learned a lot by reading through it. I will never look at stelliums the same way again.”

Review by April Elliot Kent: “I was especially eager to get my hands on this book, and it doesn’t disappoint. Why eager? Because more and more of my clients were born during the late 1980s, and the most eloquent astrologer can find herself struck dumb in the presence of a chart with practically every planet in, say, Capricorn.

“Donna Cunningham is extremely effective at laying out complex astrological concepts in a user-friendly way. And what I love best about her books is that she doesn’t just leave you stranded with a technical understanding of the astrology, but also offers a self-help life raft of tools and resources to help you get the most out of your chart.”

Emerging Pattern writes: “You want to learn everything about Stelliums that is worth to learn? Read Donna Cunningham’s new A Stellium Handbook. The book provides a valuable source of support. I especially appreciate her kind and respectful encouragement to take responsibility for the positive and negative traits of astrological constellations. She values her clients and readers as people who are totally capable of growth and transformation.”

Perplexed by the Outer Planets in your Capricorn Stellium? More Books to Help

If your chart features the slower-moving planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto) strongly, and especially if you have a conjunction of two of these planets or a stellium that contains one or more of them, the ebooks  described below will help you understand their role in your chart and explore ways to change difficult patterns they represent. Read more of this post


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